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Fertypharm is the first Spanish company dedicated exclusively to the world of fertility.

Their exclusivity towards assisted reproduction clinics and centers allows them to provide innovations and solutions with added value in the market.

Hundreds of studies and publications scientifically support the use of probiotics for numerous purposes, including improving fertility.

Fertypharm is a pioneer in the world of fertility, and since the beginning of its foundation, it has incorporated probiotics in all its formulations.

Fertypharm Probiotics Fertypharm Probiotics

Probiotics are defined as live microorganisms that, when administered in adequate quantities , confer beneficial health effects.

Various clinical studies with probiotics have confirmed their beneficial effect both for health and for the treatment and prevention of infectious and inflammatory diseases.

The genera Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are the most commonly studied probiotics. The probiotic Lactobacillus plays a beneficial role in human reproduction and in maintaining a healthy urinary tract and reproductive system.

Probiotics exert a beneficial effect through three mechanisms:

- Reducing vaginal pH , thus the habitat is unfavorable for pathogens and they cannot colonize as easily.

- Producing substances that inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms

- Producing substances that contribute to the growth of probiotic species that promote vaginal health

Fertpharm product range

Fertybiotic Woman -FertyBiotic Woman / Woman Plus: The ideal and unique supplements with probiotics that help improve women's fertility.

Treatment with myo-inositol and melatonin improves ovarian stimulation protocols and pregnancy outcomes in infertile women with poor egg quality.

Additional antioxidant treatment protects the follicular microenvironment from oxidative stress, increasing the number of good quality oocytes recovered.

Fertybiotic Man -FertyBiotic Men: First supplement that combines antioxidant power with the beneficial effect of probiotics.

FertyBiotic Men is not just another food supplement, since it not only provides the appropriate elements and quantities to improve fertility in men, but by incorporating probiotics in its formulation it improves sperm quality thanks to its antioxidant effect. Without forgetting that, in addition, DHA, which is of the highest quality and is present in high concentrations, also enhances this antioxidant effect, which is so necessary to improve the reproductive capacity of men.

Furthermore, the antioxidant effect of probiotics is maintained over time, even once the treatment is suspended.

Fertybiotic Pregnancy -FertyBiotic Pregnancy: First supplement that provides the additional nutrient requirements necessary during preconception, pregnancy and lactation, along with a selection of probiotics.

FertyBiotic Pregnancy incorporates the highest quality ingredients in its composition and in the appropriate doses to provide the additional requirements of ideal nutrients for preconception, pregnancy and lactation. In addition, it incorporates probiotics that provide extra benefits to both mother and child.

Numerous recently published studies have shown that supplementation with probiotics and DHA (both present in FertyBiotic Pregnancy®) during pregnancy and breastfeeding reduces the risk of the child developing allergies (eczema, food allergies, etc.)

Fertyvital -FertyVital: First and only fertility supplement with natural ingredients that improves vital tone.

FertyVital incorporates the highest quality natural ingredients in its formula, in the appropriate quantities recommended in assisted reproduction processes. In addition, it is the first and only food supplement on the fertility market that improves the vital tone and mood of patients. For these reasons, it is considered an ideal supplement to help improve IVF results and fertility.

Ferty Test -Fertypharm Test: First genetic test to personalize hormonal stimulation treatment in Assisted Reproduction.

Fertypharm Test is the first genetic test to personalize hormonal stimulation treatment in Assisted Reproduction. It allows defining the most effective type and dose of gonadotropin in women undergoing controlled ovarian stimulation.

It incorporates two markers that allow us to better understand the patient's sensitivity and increase the response to treatment. In a single analysis, two markers.