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XLS Medical Control and weight reduction


XLS products help in weight loss diets as they act on the different problems that usually appear with increased appetite, snacking, fat accumulation or retention , among others, to help lose and control weight effectively , above all. all in those people who have the most difficulty achieving the ideal weight.

Being overweight can lead to other health problems , which is why it is so important to control it and eat a balanced diet , in addition to exercising .

Food supplements are a great help for the diet in this mission.

XLS Medical is the ideal food supplement in cases where you want to lose weight gradually and without putting your health at risk . The effectiveness of this product against fat absorption has been proven through scientific studies and trials.

All XLS products and pills have as an essential element in their composition Litramine , a complex based on fibers of plant and organic origin that is responsible for acting and capturing up to almost 30% of the fats ingested with each meal and food .

It effectively eliminates them from the body, attacking overweight and the causes that cause it.


XL-S MEDICAL has helped thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals . XL-S MEDICAL does not interfere with the body's natural processes , does not harm the body and has very good tolerance in your body.

Do I need a prescription?

No , the XL-S MEDICAL range is available without a prescription . The objective of the products is weight loss in people considered overweight or obese . They also have products that can be used to regulate or control weight .

How to take XLS Medical?

In its original format XLS Medical in tablets helps you lose weight up to three times faster compared to a diet without any food supplement to help you .

Thanks to its formulation based on Litramine, it reduces the number of calories ingested and also helps reduce appetite and snack between meals . It acts mechanically on the stomach, that is, it does not invade and has hardly any side effects.

The correct way to use it is to take two tablets three times a day before the main meals and complement them with a routine based on a balanced diet .

A new XLS fat trap stick format is also available for sale, much more convenient since it can be dissolved directly in the mouth without the need for water and has a pleasant red fruit flavor .

Another advantage is that you only need one stick three times a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

At Farma2go we offer you different formats of XL-S MEDICAL:

- XLS MEDICAL Original 180 Tablets : Tablets that help control weight by reducing calories absorbed from dietary fats . Reduces appetite and improves gastrointestinal transit . XLS Medical for weight loss

It is a complex that reduces the calories absorbed from dietary fats and helps control appetite . It should be combined with a balanced, low-calorie diet .

It is a 100% natural product capable of reducing food cravings.

XLS Medical Original contains Litramine , a patented fiber complex clinically proven to capture dietary fats from a natural, organic source.

Helps in effective weight control , in combination with a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

2 XLS Medical tablets contain Fiber + Vitamins (A, E and D) . An exclusive substance based on natural and ecological fiber and enriched with fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E.

Although taking XL-S MEDICAL is an important step in regulating weight , it should be considered part of an overall weight management plan .

Therefore, it is a medical product designed for effective weight control , when taken in combination with a balanced diet and frequent physical activity .

- XLS MEDICAL Max Strength Triple Action 60 Granulated Sticks : Food Supplement formulated to block the absorption of fats, carbohydrates and sugars .

XLS Medical Max Strength Triple Action reduces calorie intake from the main nutrients : complex carbohydrates, sugars and dietary fats .

Contains Clavitanol , a patented natural complex that reduces the breakdown and absorption of these nutrients into calories . This results in a reduction in calorie intake , helping you lose more weight than with diet and exercise alone .

In addition, it reduces and controls blood glucose levels , helping to control cravings .

XLS Medical Max Strength Triple Action , granulated sticks in individual doses , makes weight control easier and more pleasant than ever, with the same effectiveness offered by XLS Medical Max Strength Triple Action in tablets.

Its practical and discreet stick format is easy to take anywhere and its contents can also be taken directly in your mouth . The ready-to-drink stick has a delicious fruity flavor.

XLS Medical is a certified medical product for effective weight control , when taken in combination with a balanced diet and regular physical activity . It has a well-established safety and tolerance profile .

Although taking XL-S MEDICAL is an important step in regulating weight , it should be considered part of an overall weight management plan .

Therefore, it is a medical product designed for effective weight control , when taken in combination with a balanced diet and frequent physical activity .

1 stick = Patented plant complex.

An exclusive patented formula obtained from organic plant sources.

It is recommended to take XLS Medical in combination with a balanced diet and frequent physical activity.

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- XLS MEDICAL Forte 5 Pack 3 Months (540 Capsules) : Food Supplement . Promotes Weight Loss . Reduces Existing Fat . Reduces the contour of hips and waists . Helps Maintain a Balanced Diet . Prevents Overweight . With Okranol. Includes MyNudgePlan Online Nutritionist. Healthy and Effective . Package for 3 Months (540 Capsules).

XLS Medical Forte PAck 3 months 540 capsules

XLS MEDICAL Forte 5 is a food supplement that helps you lose up to 5 times more weight than dieting alone.

Reduce your Body Mass Index (BMI) level , reducing existing fat and reducing the contour of your hips and waist.

Helps you lose weight and prevent overweight in a healthy way. With visible results after 1 month.

Formula enriched with Okranol, an exclusive patented natural fiber complex. It is clinically proven that this substance binds to dietary fats to promote weight loss.

No added artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Healthy and effective.

Includes an activation code for online nutritionist MyNudgePlan's personalized 12-week plan, through a mobile app that will help you eat better, move more and have a more positive attitude.

Formatted in a package of 540 capsules, ideal for at least 3 months of treatment.

- XLS Kilo Control x10 Tablets

- XLS Kilo Control x30 Tablets

Food Supplement . Helps Control Weight . Made with Natural Plant Extracts . Mitigate the Excesses that Alter Your Healthy Routine. Reduces Fats and Sugars . Promotes Normal Metabolism. Made with Carbolyte and Chicory Root. Enriched with Chromium. Ideal After Heavy Meals.

XLS Kilo Control Tablets

XLS Kilo Control is a food supplement that helps control weight in heavy meals .

Efficient product made with natural plant extracts , designed to reduce the fats and sugars that you ingest in excess, reducing the absorption of carbohydrates and slightly reducing appetite.

Made with Carbolyte and Chicory root to help in weight control programs, complementing a healthy diet.

Contains Chromium, which contributes to maintaining normal blood glucose levels and the correct metabolism of macronutrients.

Ideal to take after heavy meals , on those days of excesses that alter your healthy routine.