List of products by brand Luxmetique

Luxmetique Anti-Aging Cosmetics

LUXMETIQUE has been created for the development of UNIQUE AND INNOVATIVE formulas, based on the highest quality active ingredients that the body recognizes and knows how to make the most of their properties.

All their formulations have been developed by experts to maximize the effectiveness and results of each of them.

Made under the philosophy of natural products with the highest quality active ingredients, Luxmetique proposes a lifestyle and a new way of taking care of ourselves from the inside, which in the short term we will see reflected in our external appearance.


We want to take care of you, offering you a simple, fast and effective care protocol. Working from the inside, we visibly enhance your well-being and natural beauty.


Luxmetique is the new generation of nutricosmetics, working with high-quality natural active ingredients and developing products that benefit our body and improve our well-being.

Care starts from within, we want to raise awareness of this by launching unisex lines for all types of audiences.


Quality, reliability and innovation.

We believe in the benefits of natural active ingredients and Luxmetique works with ingredients extracted from nature that your body recognizes and knows how to make the most of their properties.


All products are manufactured in Spain under IFS and GMP certification to guarantee the quality and reliability of each of our formulas.

Luxmetique is distributed in pharmacies and specialized centers under the prescription of personnel trained in the biosanitary branch for the safety of all our consumers.