List of products by brand Desensin

Desensin Tooth Sensitivity


Desensin® is the brand indicated to treat dental sensitivity, offering a desensitizing action that keeps teeth and gums protected from external stimuli such as cold, heat, acid, pressure, touch, among others.

Tooth sensitivity or sensitive teeth occurs when the inner part of the tooth (the dentin) is exposed due to wear of the tooth enamel or gum retraction. In this situation, external stimuli such as cold, heat, acids, tactile pressure, etc. They can cause discomfort to people who suffer from it.

The Desensin® range offers different formulations designed for the care and protection of sensitive teeth, with toothpaste, toothpaste gel, mouthwash to complement the action of brushing and an extra soft brush, which guarantee complete and delicate oral hygiene, without discomfort. nor pain.

In addition, the products in the Desensin® repair range incorporate DENTAID technology haprepair®, an exclusive technology based on active hydroxyapatite, a natural tooth element, that repairs the enamel surface naturally. The active hydroxyapatite is deposited on the surface forming a protective layer. Potassium nitrate also has a desensitizing action that combines with the effect of active hydroxyapatite.