List of products by brand Alvarez Gómez

Álvarez Gómez has been, for more than 100 years, synonymous with tradition, distinction, quality and its own style.

This saga begins when three young men (Herminio Álvarez Gómez, Belarmino Gómez and Emilio Vuelta Gómez) decided to leave León, their homeland, and seek work and fortune in Madrid.

They started in an acquaintance's drugstore, located on the traditional Peligros street. When the owner of the establishment decided to retire, they took the opportunity to take an important step in their future.

And in 1899, established in their profession as aroma merchants, they moved to 2 Sevilla Street. The store has already opened with the Alvarez Gómez brand on the store sign. In his back room, a gathering began to take place with a pleasant and unique atmosphere, in which the aromas of the perfumery mixed with that of tobacco and coffee. It was there that in 1912 one of the attendees contributed a formula for cologne of Central European origin, whose essential components (lemon, bergamot, rosemary, geranium, etc.) could be obtained in better quality on Spanish soil. The founders, accustomed since childhood to the pure smells of the countryside, flowers and plants, decided that their colony had to be like this: clean, refreshing and pure.

In 1912, “Álvarez Gómez Concentrated Cologne Water” began to be manufactured by hand in the basement of this first store, as we currently know it; a unique colony, of great class although not elitist. Its Art Deco design bottle is totally familiar, not only in many Spanish homes, but also in the best prestigious hotels and restaurants in our country.

Since the 90s and with a new generation at the helm, some of the most relevant milestones have been achieved; the construction of a factory in which production was standardized, the development of new product lines, the creation of a national distribution network, the professionalization of the different areas of the company, seeking to incorporate excellent professionals but without ever losing character family of the company.