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Not all tears for dry eyes are created equal.

SYSTANE® will provide you:

- Daily , Fast-Acting and Long-Lasting Relief.
- Intensive and Restorative Dry Eye Therapy.
- Greater relief of dry eye symptoms for sensitive eyes.


Dry eye symptoms can be annoying and affect your daily life . Dry eye can present many other symptoms apart from Dry Eye , such as:

- Dryness or eye irritation .
- Eye burning or itching .
- Feeling of grit in the eyes.
- Tired eyes .
- Episodes of blurred vision .
- Excessive tearing .
- Eyelid heaviness .
- Decreased tolerance for reading or using screens.


Help Prevent and Relieve dry eye symptoms with these lifestyle changes:

- Take short breaks if you spend time in front of the computer , television, tablet or smartphone.
- Avoid drafts in the eyes , for example hair dryers, air conditioning, heaters or fans.
- Use a humidifier indoors.
- Wear glasses on sunny or windy days.
- Use the SYSTANE® family of products for immediate, long-lasting relief.
- Go to the ophthalmologist at least once a year.


Help Prevent and Relieve Dry Eye symptoms with Systane .

Dry Eye symptoms can manifest in three ways:

- The Tear Glands do not produce enough tears.
- The Tear Glands produce low quality tears .
-The Tear evaporates too quickly .

Any of these factors can make your eyes feel dry and irritated.

Dry Eye symptoms can be triggered by the following factors:

- Dry environments.
- Air too hot or cold.
- Wind.
- Sun.
- Smoke.
- Spending prolonged time in front of a screen.

Find the right Relief for you. Use SYSTANE® as the Daily Solution that will guarantee you Immediate and long-lasting Relief , without preservatives for Sensitive Eyes , or as an Intensive Treatment to Relieve the dryness of your Eyes .


- SYSTANE® BALANCE Lubricating Eye Drops : Relieve Dry Eyes with SYSTANE® BALANCE Lubricating Eye Drops. This formula Stabilizes the Tear Film and helps Prevent tear evaporation for long-lasting Relief from dry eye symptoms.


- SYSTANE® ULTRA Lubricating Eye Drops : If you need long-lasting relief from dry eyes and suitable for your contact lenses, look no further: here you have SYSTANE® ULTRA Lubricating Eye Drops. The dual-action formula will provide you with Protection and Hydration to Relieve dry eye symptoms . Keep one on hand in your bag, at home or at work to Soothe Irritation in your eyes whenever you need it.

- SYSTANE® COMPLETE Lubricating Eye Drops : Your solution to Moisturize and Protect all types of dry eyes . The only formula that combines lipid nanoparticles with HP-Guar and propylene glycol. Restores and Stabilizes all layers of the tear .

- SYSTANE® ULTRA UD Lubricating eye drops (preservative-free) : Do you have sensitive eyes ? We offer you the same hydration and long-lasting relief of SYSTANE® ULTRA UD Lubricating Eye Drops in a Preservative-Free formula. Available in convenient single-dose bottles, they will provide you with Immediate Relief .

- SYSTANE® ULTRA PLUS HYDRATION Lubricating Eye Drops : When it comes to protecting the surface of your eyes, a good option is to use SYSTANE® ULTRA PLUS HYDRATION Lubricating eye drops. Its advanced formula with hyaluronic acid instantly restores and rehydrates the surface of the eye and will provide you with long-lasting relief so you can continue with your daily life without missing a thing.

- SYSTANE® ULTRA PLUS HYDRATION UD Lubricating Eye Drops (No Preservatives) : The advanced formula with hyaluronate of SYSTANE® ULTRA PLUS HYDRATION UD Lubricating Eye Drops (No Preservatives) Restores and Rehydrates the surface of the eye and guarantees Long Lasting Relief . Available in convenient single-dose bottles to relieve dry eye symptoms wherever you are.


- SYSTANE® GEL DROPS Lubricating Ophthalmic Gel : Do you need more protection against dry eye symptoms than what your usual eye drops offer? Try SYSTANE® Gel Drops to Soothe and Prolong Relief from Dry Eye Irritation . When applied, a layer is formed that gives you Greater Protection Day and Night.

You can also find within our Product Range:

- SYSTANE Eyelid Cleaning Wet Wipes : They are Wet and Sterile, Soft and Hypoallergenic Wipes that come in individual sachets, for cleaning the eyelids . SYSTANE hypoallergenic wipes. Eliminates dirt and impurities that settle and accumulate in the eyelid and eyelash area, as well as makeup remains .

- SYSTANE Day and Night Care Kit Ultra Plus+Gel Drops : Includes:

- SYSTANE® Ultra Plus Hydration : SYSTANE® Ultra Plus Hydration has an advanced formula with hyaluronic acid that instantly Restores and Rehydrates the surface of the eye and will provide you with long-lasting relief so you can continue with your daily life without missing a thing.

- SYSTANE® Gel Drops Ophthalmic Gel : It is a Lubricant for the Relief of Burning and Irritation caused by Dry Eyes . Prolonged relief from dry eyes . Additional protection to Soothe and Soothe.