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Nurofen Pediatric Effective Relief of Pain or Fever


About us?

We have a range of Anti-inflammatories for both Adults and Children.

We know that when a child is not feeling well, it is a delicate moment for parents, and that the most important thing is to see how they get better quickly and return to their usual pranks. Pediatric Nurofen accompanies parents, providing their children with effective relief from mild or moderate pain and fever . Our ibuprofen-based oral suspension medication provides effective pain and fever relief for children. In fact, it has been tested and proven that when it comes to childhood fever, the effect of ibuprofen can last up to 8 hours.

Being there for fathers and mothers when their children are not well is the essence of everything we do, that is why we have developed an Anti-Drip Syringe, designed specifically to be able to give medicine to your little ones without having to worry about something spilling. .

Nurofen is a medication that provides effective relief from occasional mild or moderate pain and fever.

Discover the range of Nurofen Pediatric products, based on Ibuprofen, for the treatment of fever and mild to moderate pain in children from 3 months of age. For children under 2 years old, consult your doctor.

Within this range of products you can find:

- Nurofen Pediatric 20MG/ML Orange 200ML

- Nurofen Pediatric 20MG/ML Strawberry 200ML

- Nurofen Junior Chewable Soft Capsules 100MG

- Junifen Lemon Flavor 200MG

- Nurofen 400MG 12 Coated Tablets

- Nurofen 400MG 10 Softgels