List of products by brand Hemoal

What is Hemoal?

It is a brand of Ointment and Wipes dedicated to Improving Anorectal symptoms ( Pain , Itching and Stinging ), associated with Hemorrhoids in Adults.

What kind of products does Hemoal have?

Within its range we can find:

- Hemoal Rectal Ointment : It is a white rectal ointment that is creamy to the touch. Relieves Pain , Itching or Stinging associated with Hemorrhoids in adults.

- Hemoal Forte Rectal Ointment : It is an ointment that has:

1. Local Anesthetic Action . Quickly relieves pain and itching caused by hemorrhoids .

2. Vasoconstrictor Action . Reduces Vein Dilation associated with anorectal disorders. It has a Lubricating Effect by Nature.

- Hemoal Wipes (Hemoallitas) : The presence of Hemorrhoids means suffering from discomfort throughout the day, but especially when going to the bathroom. Good hygiene after defecation is essential to prevent and improve infections, but toilet paper can cause more discomfort during cleaning.

Hemotowilets offer Complete and Gentle Hygiene specifically prepared for Anal Hygiene when affected by Hemorrhoids . Its use Soothes , Softens , Refreshes and facilitates hygiene without causing discomfort or additional irritations.

These products are within the Antihemorrhoidal range for topical use . They are products that contain Local Anesthetics , Benzocaine .

Benzocaine is a Local Anesthetic , which applied topically, Relieves Pain through the Reduction of the activity of the Sensitive Cutaneous Receptors through a reversible blockade of nerve conduction, through the Decrease in the Permeability of the Membrane to the Sodium.

Ephedrine is a sympathomimetic agent with mixed action, which has direct and indirect effects on alpha and beta adrenergic receptors, producing significant temporary vasoconstriction of the vessels that nourish the skin and mucous membranes.

After topical administration, the absorption of the active ingredients of this medication is very low.

Benzocaine, due to its low solubility in water and administration with a vasoconstrictor, is absorbed in very small quantities, which are immediately hydrolyzed by plasma and liver cholinesterases.

The drug remains at the site of application, producing a Lasting Anesthetic Effect .

The small amount of Ephedrine that reaches the bloodstream is eliminated unchanged in the urine with an elimination half-life of between 3 and 6 hours.

The Hemoal brand belongs to Reckitt Benckiser Laboratories.