List of products by brand Parogencyl

Oral Hygiene is very important, since Teeth, if they are Strong and Healthy, help us chew food well, allow us to speak clearly and are an example of our appearance.

Brushing your teeth every day , two or three times, using Mouthwash and Sental Floss, are small tasks that must be in our routine. In this way, the Formation of Dental Plaque is Prevented , which attracts Bacteria, and with them different Dental or Oral diseases.

It is important to instill these healthy habits in the little ones, which in this way they will acquire and will be a present tone throughout their entire lives.

At we recommend that oral check-ups be carried out once a year, to carry out periodic cleanings and check-ups.

Parogencyl has a varied range of products for Oral Cleaning and Health.

Among these products stand out:

- Parogencyl Control: Helps with the Treatment and Prevention of Gingivitis. Strengthens the Gums against Inflammation, Bleeding and Prevents Gingival Sensitivity.

- Parogencyl Forte Gums: Helps in the shock treatment of Gingivitis. Promotes the rapid reduction of Inflammation, Bleeding Gums and Gingival Sensitivity. Offers effective cleaning of Hypersensitive Gingival areas.

- Parogencyl Mouthwash Control: Maintenance Treatment to Prevent Gum Health on a daily basis as a continuation of the shock treatment with Parogencyl Forte or Parogencyl Control. The Parogencyl Control Mouthwash completes the action of the Parogencyl Control toothpaste, especially in the Interdental Spaces that are Inaccessible to Brushing.