List of products by brand Nenuco


Nenuco was born in 1939 to create a Genuine Aroma for our babies. La Colonia Nenuco quickly became the first brand of Baby Fragrances.

Little by little, the range of baby products has been expanding with Gels , Moisturizing Milks and Sunscreens , etc.

The objective has always been the same: the Care and Hygiene of Babies . The Nenuco Children's Colonies have accompanied your parents and grandparents during all these years.

Why Nenuco?

The Nenuco formula has been clinically tested under strict Dermatological Control in order to ensure the suitability of all our products for your Baby 's Skin .

We were born... and we grew up. We increase our range of products with new Liquid Soaps and Colognes for Children and Girls . We also relaunched and reformulated our products with oatmeal protector. The new Soft and Delicate ingredients have ensured that our products provide greater Protection and Hydration . During these years we have been creating everything necessary to care for your children's hygiene: Shampoos , Moisturizing Milks , Bath Gels , Wipes , Oils and, of course, Colognes .

- Nenuco Colognes for babies : The cologne with the smell of Nenuco will take care of the Well-being of the Baby and that of the entire Family. Enjoy a very special fragrance thanks to its selection of ingredients. Its characteristic smell stimulates your senses, making the Nenuco moment unique. In addition, the cologne is gentle on your delicate skin, does not dry it out and respects its natural pH; It does not dry out your delicate skin , as it respects the natural softness with neutral pH.

Within this range you can find: Nenuco Colonia Cristal , Nenuco Colonia Spray , Nenuco Colonia Mickey , Nenuco Colonia Minnie , etc.

- Nenuco Body Oil for Babies : Nenuco Body Oil Protects the Baby's skin throughout the day and at the same time provides 24 hours of Hydration .

- Nenuco Hand Soap : Washing your hands will become a moment of play and fun thanks to the characters that our children like the most.

Nenuco Liquid Soap Effectively Removes Dirt, Leaving Soft Skin.

Within this range you can find: Nenuco Frozen Hand Soap , Nenuco Cars Hand Soap , Nenuco Los Incredibles Hand Soap .

- Nenuco DermoSensitive Wipes : Nenuco Dermo Sensitive Wipes With Moisturizing Ingredients keep your delicate skin Protected, Soft and Cared for. For Sensitive Skin.

At Nenuco we are concerned about the Well-being of your Baby, and this has led us to collaborate with the Spanish Association of Pediatrics in its social objective in pediatric training and research for more than 12 years.

The Nenuco Brand belongs to Reckitt Benckiser Laboratories.