List of products by brand Ortis

A company rooted in nature.

Located in the heart of the Hautes Fagnes, ORTIS Laboratories have been pioneers in the phytosanitary field (plant-based food supplements) for 60 years.

ORTIS is a family and independent company driven by a true humanist commitment based on a deep respect for Human Beings and Nature. This commitment is embodied in 4 solid values: quality, care, integrity and passion. These are the values ​​that guide the actions of the company's teams and partners.

The mission of the 130 ORTIS collaborators is to improve, in a sustainable way, the well-being of consumers through the development and access to natural and innovative solutions that meet the highest demands for quality, effectiveness and safety.

ORTIS product formulas are rigorously developed and tested by R&D teams.

The vast majority of products are made up of several ingredients that complement each other to obtain the expected well-being effect.

ORTIS products comply with Belgian and European legislation that recognizes the status of food supplements for very specific plants.

Quality, our first requirement

Our teams are mobilized to guarantee optimal quality thanks to:

A demanding selection of ingredient suppliers.

Raw materials that meet strict specifications, often higher than market standards.

Strict compliance with European and Belgian legal requirements.

Exhaustive control thanks to a management system approved by HACCP.

A regular analysis by approved independent laboratories or by our laboratory, to verify the consistency and effectiveness of the products.

Plant selection

Selection of the safest plants for use and the most effective to form part of the composition of the products that will be marketed.

A sustainable future

Located in the heart of the Hautes Fagnes, ORTIS has the desire to reduce its ecological footprint as much as possible thanks to:

- A supply of «green electricity».

- Photovoltaic panels.

- The treatment of wastewater thanks to a purification station.

- Maintenance of green spaces without pesticides or chemicals.

Health in harmony with nature

Since the creation of ORTIS in 1958, the art of caring for health with medicinal plants has evolved significantly.

Today we make the difference between:

- Herbalism and its home remedies , (of good fame, which means popular), achievable by each of us with the medicinal plants in our garden,

- The relevant synergies of the plants studied and scientifically transformed , guaranteeing maximum effectiveness and safety.

Currently, knowledge and respect for the essential rules of a healthy lifestyle provided by naturopathy is essential to preserve your health.

Discover the fabulous world of plants and their benefits.