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Bayer Priorin, Treatment for Hair Loss and Health

Bayer's Priorin is a range of products for the treatment of hair loss and hair health , which thanks to its exclusive 3Activ+ formula with Biotin gives hair shine and volume.

Hair in normal conditions is healthy hair , which is born from a strong root , which does not fall out and which maintains shine and volume .

- Priorin Capsules with Biotin

Priorin Capsules with Biotin is a food supplement that acts directly inside the hair root, providing it with the necessary nutrients.

Composition of Priorin Capsules

Formulated from Natural Ingredients , Priorin Capsules are composed of:
- Millet extract , 210 mg/capsule. Responsible for reconstituting the hair structure .
- L-cystine , 3 mg/capsule. Provides volume and strengthens the hair structure.
- Biotin , 100 ug/capsule. Stimulates hair growth and hair regeneration .
- Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), 13.8 mg/capsule. Provides nutrition and promotes hair growth .
It contains gluten. Contains lecithin. With soy. Without lactose. Its low sugar content makes Priorin Capsules suitable even for diabetics .

Who can take Priorin Anti-Hair Loss Capsules?

Priorin Anti-Loss is indicated for people who during certain times are affected by more abundant hair loss and need help to achieve stronger and healthier hair . The causes that cause this hair weakness can be of very diverse origin:

- Times of stress.
- Change of season , mainly in spring and autumn
- Food regimens .
- Postpartum .
- Androgenic hair loss.
- Diffuse hair growth disorders
Adults and children over 12 years of age can take Priorin Capsules .

How much Priorin Anti-Hair Loss Capsules can you take?

The recommended dosage for Priorin Capsules is 2 capsules a day after breakfast.

Complying with the recommended dose of Priorin Anti-Hair Loss , it is advisable to carry out continuous treatment for a minimum period of 3 to 6 months , being possible to extend the treatment to 12 months in times of greater hair loss or increased hair weakness.

For greater treatment effectiveness, it is advisable to combine Priorin Capsules with Priorin Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo .

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