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Repavar is Ferrer Healthcare's dermocosmetics brand , created with high-quality ingredients of natural origin, to care for your skin and that of yours, restoring its vitality and providing a pleasant feeling of well-being day after day.

All Repavar products are formulated with pure ingredients of natural origin and innovative textures adapted to each skin type, which provide specific treatments to slow skin aging, guaranteeing beautiful, healthy and balanced skin.

Fight the signs of aging with Repavar Revitalizing

Designed to combat and prevent signs of aging on the skin of the face, the Repavar Revitalizing line is made up of a wide range of products ranging from day and night creams, micellar water, serum to combat expression lines, anti-aging ampoules. flash to depigmenting gel.

Its Repavar Ampoules with Vitamin C concentrate is one of its star products on the market to combat the signs of skin aging, thanks to its effective firming and revitalizing properties. These ampoules with a high concentration of Active Vitamin C provide luminosity to the face, reduce wrinkles and provide the antioxidants necessary to combat photoaging of facial skin.

Soften scars and stretch marks with Repavar Regeneradora, based on pure rosehip oil

Repavar Regeneradora makes its entire line based on pure Rosehip Oil and is especially indicated for improving the appearance of the skin, helping to repair, regenerate and care for it from the deepest layers of the dermis, in the case of skin with scars. , burns, stretch marks or stains.

The essential fatty acids in Repavar anti-stretch marks from Rosehip have great antioxidant power that activates skin repair, returning its natural tone and reducing spots and wrinkles.

To achieve double healing and regenerating power for the skin, the firm has developed Repavar Advance Pure Rosehip Oil , which incorporates growth factors. The regenerating capacity of Repavar Advance Rosehip Oil is ideal for all skin types.

For the treatment of common scars, keloids, hypertrophic scars or burn scars, the brand has created Repavar Quick-Drying Silicone Gel Roll-On . This easy-to-apply Repavar Roll On softens the appearance of scars, reduces coloration and relieves itching.

The Repavar Regenerating line completes its range of products with lip balm, body lotion and face cream based on rosehip oil.

All care for atopic skin with Repavar Atopic Piel

To cover the specific needs of atopic skin and hypersensitive skin, Repavar has developed the Atopic Skin range, intended to relieve itching, peeling and roughness of this type of skin.

The Repavar Atopic Skin range is made up of all types of products to meet the needs of atopic skin with facial cream, body lotion, bath gel, shampoo and shower oil.

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