List of products by brand Endocare

ENDOCARE, 20 Years of Dermal Innovation

Endocare belongs to Cantabria Labs .

With Innovative products and an Entrepreneurial spirit, Cantabria Labs is today a reference brand in Dermatological prescription in Europe (leader in Spain, Italy and Portugal) and its purpose is to Improve People's Health and Quality of Life. Its presence in more than 80 countries and its subsidiaries in China, Italy, Morocco, Mexico and Portugal have given it its international renown and support. Cantabria Labs production centers achieve the highest Quality standards for the annual manufacturing and distribution of more than 30 million units of product. Today it is recognized by the Healthcare sector both for its Innovations and scientific endorsement and for the closeness and entrepreneurial capacity of its more than 840 employees. Cantabria Labs carries entrepreneurial, non-conformist and joyful genes within its DNA, with the aim of offering society products to be able to live with Quality Life: “celebrate life”.


- EDAFENCE® : Deschampsia antarctica extract, is the new Anti-pollution technology patented by Cantabria Labs with proven effectiveness against tobacco smoke, heavy metals and environmental agents. EDAFENCE® has developed the most advanced defense mechanisms at the cellular level against external environmental aggressions.

- SCA® growth factors : Protein bioconcentrate rich in Growth Factors that activates fibroblasts. Obtained from the Purified secretion of the gastropod Cryptomphalus Aspersa, it is a powerful Natural source of Dermal Regeneration with Antioxidant and Repairing properties.

- IFC® CAF Cellular Activation Factor : Signaling biomolecules that activate the skin's stem cells, promoting constant cell renewal. Stimulates the production of Collagen, Elastin and other structural components of the skin important for its Firmness, Elasticity and Softness.

- WGC Wharton Gel Complex® : Biomaterial rich in Growth Factors that capture and promote fibroblasts. It creates the appropriate environment for the regeneration of new cells, by acting on the components of the extracellular matrix (collagen, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid, etc.).

Endocare® product lines include cutting-edge, patented and scientifically supported technologies. Developed by Cantabria Labs, a pharmaceutical multinational of Spanish origin, leader in research and development of innovative dermatological technologies and cosmetics.

What different product lines does Endocare® have?

ENDOCARE CELLAGE : Anti-Aging Dermal Regeneration Line with a powerful Redensifying and Anti-Wrinkle Effect that helps reverse the signs of Aging. Based on a unique combination of 3 exclusive Technologies, which, in synergy, stimulate cellular Renewal and Repair.

- ENDOCARE Cellage High Power Redensifying Serum 30ml

- ENDOCARE Cellage Cream 50ML

- ENDOCARE Cellage Gelcream 50ML Prodermis

- ENDOCARE Cellage Firming Cream 50ML

- ENDOCARE Cellage Eye Contour 15ML

- ENDOCARE Cellage Firming Day Cream SPF30 50ML

- ENDOCARE Cellage Emulsion Day Prodermis SPF 30 50 Ml

- ENDOCARE NEW!!! Cellage GelCream 50ML Prodermis + Eye Contour 15ML

- ENDOCARE Cellage Prodermis Emulsion Day SPF30 50ML + Eye Contour 15ML

- ENDOCARE PACK Gelcream 50 Ml. + Firming Regenerating Serum 15Ml.

ENDOCARE C : Recovers the skin's luminosity immediately, while, thanks to its powerful antioxidant activity, it prevents and attenuates the signs of aging. Formulated with Endocare technologies and cutting-edge ingredients in innovative and different formats adapted to the needs of each area of ​​the face and skin type.

- ENDOCARE-C Ferulic Edafence 30ml

- ENDOCARE-C Proteoglycans Oil Free Ampoules 30x2ML

- ENDOCARE C-20 Proteoglycans Ampoules 30x2ML

- ENDOCARE C Peel Gel 5 Single Dose

- ENDOCARE-C Oil Free Ampoules 30x2Ml

- ENDOCARE-C Proteoglycans SPF30 30 Ampoules

- ENDOCARE-C Oil Free 30 Ampoules + 3 C-Peel

- ENDOCARE-C Proteoglycans Oil Free 30 Ampoules + 3 C-Peel

- ENDOCARE C-20 Proteoglycans 30 Ampoules + 3 C-Peel

ENDOCARE TENSAGE : Anti-aging dermal regeneration line that provides tightening firmness to combat photoaging. Endocare Tensage® provides an intense anti-gravity action, which fights against wrinkles, skin sagging and advanced aging of mature skin. Developed with SCA ® technology, Growth Factors and Tensderm, which act together, returning lost Firmness and Elasticity to the skin.

- ENDOCARE Endocare Tensage Serum 30ML

- ENDOCARE Tensage Ampoules 10x2ML

- ENDOCARE Tensage Ampoules 20x2ML

- ENDOCARE Tensage Cream 50ML

- ENDOCARE Endocare Tensage Illuminating Eye Contour 15ML

- ENDOCARE Tensage Ampoules 20x2ML IFC + C-Peel Gift

- ENDOCARE Tensage Eye Contour 15ML + Serum 15ML as a GIFT

- ENDOCARE Tensage Cream 50ML + Serum 15ML as a GIFT

- ENDOCARE Tensage Cream 50ML + Eye Contour 15ML

- ENDOCARE Tensage Serum 30ML + Eye Contour 15ML

- ENDOCARE Tensage Ampoules 20x2ML + 10 FREE Ampoules

- ENDOCARE Tensage Cream 50ML + 3 Tensage Ampoules

ENDOCARE : Endocare® Basic Line products are formulated with the Innovative SCA ® Growth Factors Technology, which provides powerful Moisturizing, Regenerative and Antioxidant activity. Its continued use reduces and prevents the signs of skin photoaging and accelerates skin recovery after dermatological treatments.

- ENDOCARE 1 Second Triple Flash Ampoules


- ENDOCARE Aquafoam Facial Cleanser. 125ml

- ENDOCARE Day Sense Cream SPF30 50ML

- ENDOCARE Eye/Lip Contour 15ML

- ENDOCARE Flash repair Ampoules 7x1ML

- ENDOCARE Gelcream Biorepair 30G

- ENDOCARE Day SPF 30 40ML + Aquafoam 125ML

- ENDOCARE Tensage Cream 50ML + 3 Tensage Ampoules