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NEOSTRATA Cosmetics for Skin Regeneration

NEOSTRATA is a cosmetic brand specialized in products for exfoliation, renewal and hydration of the skin. In this way, it offers effective care for both the epidermis of the face and body. The different ranges of its products are designed to treat different types of skin needs or conditions, within the framework of the improvement and renewal of the dermis, to obtain a soft, hydrated and cared for texture, which reduces the signs of aging and brings out make the most of your innate beauty.

NEOSTRATA helps you renew and care for facial skin with specific treatments for each hygiene and hydration need. This dermocosmetic brand offers a wide variety of NEOSTRATA products with its own and patented technology, especially focused on exploring and applying the benefits of Glycolic Acid and Alphahydroxy Acids on the skin. The synergy of these two active ingredients, added to formulations rich in ingredients with maximum moisturizing and renewing effectiveness, make this brand chosen by many dermatologists. You can buy the different NEOSTRATA ranges Online at Farma2Go, your trusted online pharmacy.

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What Differentiates NEOSTRATA Products from Other Brands?

NEOSTRATA products exquisitely combine the best of beauty and the benefits of science. Their studies have managed to make the different NEOSTRATA ranges the cosmetics most recommended by dermatologists to improve and rejuvenate the appearance and appearance of the skin. One of its great secrets is the formulation of Glycolic Acid, a very small and reactive molecule that, with the help of the best experts, has managed to concentrate in the ideal proportions to respect all its properties without causing any harm. NEOSTRATA Products are made with high cosmetic grade Glycolic Acid, which has meant an absolute revolution in dermatological treatments when it comes to transforming and improving skin texture. Thanks to Farma2Go, you can enjoy the highest quality and effective NEOSTRATA cosmetics Online, purchasing NEOSTRATA products and having them at your home in just 24 hours*.


NEOSTRATA Science and Health

NEOSTRATA is a world-leading brand in the cosmetic sector highly recommended by dermatologist experts due to its great effectiveness in improving and rejuvenating the appearance of the skin. Its more than 100 patents and scientific studies published in the most prestigious journals guarantee the good work of NEOSTRATA in research, with successes such as the discovery of ingredients that are currently being used as absolutely effective tools in the best dermatology consultations for all types. of treatments. All NEOSTRATA products are the result of scientific development and the most advanced technologies. For this reason, at Farma2Go we have opted for its cosmetics to provide you, at the best price and with great NEOSTRATA offers, the highest quality in rejuvenating care for your skin.

What Composition do NEOSTRATA Products have?

NEOSTRATA products are formulated with AHA (alpha hydroxy acids), a group of organic acids that act effectively by renewing, exfoliating and hydrating the skin , both on the face and in other localized parts of the body. The benefits of AHAs have been recognized in numerous studies on their effects in the most prestigious dermatological journals.

In addition, NEOSTRATA designs its products with PHA , a second generation of hydroxy acids that have great tolerance and are very effective when treating and acting on the most sensitive skin. Its properties renew and exfoliate the skin without irritating it, thanks to its intense and long-lasting hydration.

NEOSTRATA Science and Innovation

NEOSTRATA products on Farma2Go

The different ranges of NEOSTRATA products are designed to make the skin look healthy and flawless for a long period of time. NEOSTRATA products have very different objectives, from combating the most visible effects of aging, to illuminating the face, to improving textures. Furthermore, whatever your skin type, at Farma2Go you can find NEOSTRATA suitable products , whether you have oily, sensitive or acne-prone skin. In our catalog you can find NEOSTRATA Online so you can choose the one that best suits the needs and requirements of your skin. With the NEOSTRATA Offers and the great prices of our online pharmacy Farma2Go, there is no excuse to have a perfect complexion!


NEOSTRATA Skin Active products form a very complete anti-aging line, the result of the results of development and innovation in dermatological laboratories. The most advanced patented technologies are combined with exclusive ingredients to achieve combinations of maximum effectiveness and quality. Its main objective is to combat all signs of skin aging in all skin types, mitigating wrinkles, reducing sagging, blurring spots and renewing texture. Enjoy the best anti-aging benefits by buying NEOSTRATA products online at Farma2Go , with the best prices in the sector.

This anti-aging range, which changes the skin through different and innovative mechanisms of action, is capable of completely transforming the superficial layers of the skin, obtaining visible results in a short time for a completely rejuvenated appearance. NEOSTRATA cosmetic products with great antioxidant and anti-wrinkle power made with active ingredients such as AHA and PHA, retinol and plant stem cells.

If what you are looking for is a facial day cream to improve firmness and completely rejuvenate the complexion, at Farma2Go we recommend trying NEOSTRATA Skin Active Matrix Support , an anti-wrinkle cream that protects you from oxidative stress and helps reduce signs and marks. of aging. For a maximum anti-aging effect, you can use the new NEOSTRATA Citriate Home Peeling System , an original peeling system to gently exfoliate dead cells from your home, rejuvenating the skin and increasing its beauty. Search Farma2Go for the best NEOSTRATA Offers and Promos to enjoy the highest quality at the best price.



NEOSTRATA Resurface is a cosmetic range designed to improve skin texture, providing shine and smoothness through exclusive formulas with high contents of Glycolic Acid and other Alphahydroxy Acids (AHA) that have great benefits for the skin. Its powerful exfoliating and renewing action improves the quality and texture of your skin from the first applications. Take a look at the Farma2Go catalog to find the best NEOSTRATA products to leave your skin smoother, more flexible and luminous.

Buy NEOSTRATA Products at Farma2Go and enjoy the best dermocosmetics at incredible prices. In our online pharmacy you can find a multitude of NEOSTRATA Resurface products with a powerful renewing and retexturizing capacity, such as the NEOSTRATA Resurface High Power R Serum , which corrects signs of aging such as the appearance of wrinkles or loss of firmness with a silky serum-gel texture. , or the NEOSTRATA Resurface Cleansing Foam , a gentle and exfoliating mousse that improves texture and renews the skin, cleansing it and preparing it to receive specialized treatments.



NEOSTRATA Clarify is the new line of NEOSTRATA products designed to improve the appearance and quality of oily, blemished and acne-prone skin. Their cosmetics help reduce the size of pores, mitigating wrinkles and regulating sebum production, to prevent acne and the accumulation of impurities. Its innovative formulas are based on AHA, PHA and NeoGlucosamine, a powerful anti-aging active ingredient patented by NEOSTRATA to promote moisturizing and exfoliating processes in oily skin. This range replaces the old NEOSTRATA Refine, which was made up of different products designed for the same objectives.

NEOSTRATA Clarify products, especially useful for young skin or adult women with acne tendencies, imperfections and excess sebum secretion , help achieve healthy and luminous skin. The star product of NESOTRATA Clarify is the NEOSTRATA Salizinic Gel , an exfoliating and sebum-regulating gel that eliminates the imperfections of oily skin and prevents their reappearance, which is ideal for applying to large areas, such as the back. If you prefer a day moisturizing cream, NEOSTRATA Clarify HL Cream is your best option, especially indicated to normalize cell renewal and reduce the signs of aging in oily or acne-prone skin . At Farma2Go we have a very varied and complete catalog with a multitude of NEOSTRATA offers, don't miss a single one!



NEOSTRATA Restore is the range of this leading brand in the sector specialized in the cosmetic care of sensitive, delicate and even atopic skin. They provide your skin with everything it needs to stop the action of skin aging: gentle exfoliation, hydration and active ingredients with high antioxidant capacity. Thanks to its formulations, based on gluconolactone and lactobionic acid, it provides intensive skin treatments that stop the appearance of marks and signs of age, smoothing fine wrinkles and balancing water reserves. The old NEOSTRATA Bionic range has been integrated among the NEOSTRATA Restore products by sharing Lactobionic Acid as the main element, whose function is to provide hydration and antioxidants without irritating the skin, which makes it a very beneficial asset for sensitive skin.

The most notable NEOSTRATA product in this range is, without a doubt, the NEOSTRATA Anti-Aging Anti-Redness Serum , a light serum that reduces wrinkles and expression lines while helping to strengthen the barrier and natural desensitizing mechanisms to soothe skin with redness and tendency to sensitivity. Furthermore, at Farma2Go we offer you the best NEOSTRATA Offers, so you can find this NEOSTRATA Serum at unbeatable prices. Another ideal product for sensitive skin, from the old NEOSTRATA Bionic range , is the NEOSTRATA Restore Anti-Wrinkle Cream , highly effective in moisturizing and antioxidant.



The new range of NEOSTRATA Correct products is made up of anti-aging cosmetics with innovative formulas resulting from research and technological development, which uses Retinol and active ingredients patented by NEOSTRATA as a fundamental element. Its different creams, serums and eye contours improve all signs of skin aging, paying special attention to the texture and tone of the skin, trying to blur lines and expression lines as much as possible, and working to restore firmness to our skin. lost with the passage of time. At Farma2Go you can find a wide variety of NEOSTRATA Offers for the products of this new range, rich in high-performance active ingredients that promote the natural synthesis of collagen and melanin, also promoting cell renewal.

Among its cosmetics, formulated with a regenerating complex that includes 0.3% of pure stabilized Retinol , is the NEOSTRATA Correct Night Serum , which intensifies the hydration and renewal of the skin during night rest, while you sleep , or the NEOSTRATA Cream Correct Renewal , with great anti-aging and antioxidant action to visibly improve the signs of aging on the face after just a few applications. At Farma2Go we put the best NEOSTRATA products at your disposal, striving to offer them to you at the best price in the entire online cosmetic market . What are you waiting for to try NEOSTRATA Correct?



The new illuminating line with high antioxidant power NEOSTRATA Enlighten is formulated with a large amount of powerful antioxidant active ingredients that significantly increase the luminosity of the face, unifying the tone and combating oxidative stress of the skin. In addition, NEOSTRATA Enlighten products act as gentle exfoliants that reduce wrinkles, furrows and expression lines thanks to a precise and exquisite combination of polyhydroxy acids (PHA). At Farma2Go we are committed to dermatological care, which is why we immediately decided to include this new range of NESOTRATA products.

Its great illuminating effect is complemented by pigmentation control, through active ingredients that inhibit dark spots on the skin by depigmenting irregularities . This new line is made up of three NEOSTRATA Enlighten products: The NEOSTRATA Enlighten Moisturizing Cream , with SPF 35 sun protection to prevent photoaging while acting to hydrate and illuminate the skin, the NEOSTRATA Enlighten Illuminating Serum , which achieves luminous, radiant skin. and more uniform, and the NEOSTRATA Enlighten Eye Contour , which illuminates the look by increasing the luminosity in the area surrounding the eyes.