List of products by brand Perspirex

Do you want to control excessive sweating?

Sweating is a natural function of the body and serves to help us regulate body temperature. The amount of sweating depends on the number of sweat glands each person has, from 2 to 4 million at birth.

Excessive sweating is the result of sweat glands overreacting to external, physical or emotional stimuli, producing more sweat than is necessary to regulate body temperature.

Sometimes sweating more than necessary can be uncomfortable and ordinary deodorants are not able to control this excess sweat.

Which deodorant is most effective for excessive sweating?

Perspirex is an effective deodorant for sweating and bad odor thanks to its formula based on aluminum chloride hexahydrate that reacts with water and keratin in the sweat duct, temporarily forming a gel plug that prevents sweat from reaching the surface of the skin. fur.

In this way Perspirex contributes to the control of excessive sweating and bad odor. The plug disappears after 3 to 5 days naturally.

How to use perspirex antiperspirant?

Perspirex should be applied at night to clean, dry and seamless skin, creating a film over the armpit area where hair grows. You should apply two strokes upwards and two downwards and wash off in the morning with water. and soap to avoid skin irritations.