List of products by brand Casen Recordati

Casen Recordati is a pharmaceutical laboratory founded in 1926 with its main base in Milan (Italy) and with a presence throughout Europe and some countries globally.

Recordati is a brand that has been mainly dedicated to research, development and innovation, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of essential pharmaceutical products.

It is a world-leading brand in the treatment of rare diseases and orphan drugs, those intended for the treatment of rare diseases.

It also has a research and development department for new products where medicines, health products, food supplements and cosmetics, among others, are manufactured.

At Farma2Go you can find Recordati brand products such as food supplements for different purposes.

Food supplements for gastroenterology

Oral serums with probiotics from Casen Recordati are a food supplement that provides fluid and mineral salts to the body in episodes of gastrointestinal disorders such as vomiting and diarrhea.

These supplements are designed so that they can be used in adults and children.

Pediatric food supplements

Oral serums for children's hydration that complement the contribution of mineral salts and lactobacilli for infants and children, to prevent and treat gastrointestinal disorders in babies, which cause diarrhea, loss of water, electrolytes and intestinal microflora.

Food supplements for the treatment of colic and reflux in infants.

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