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NUA Omega 3

The NUA Biological Innovations laboratory is specialized in food supplements with highly purified and concentrated marine Omega 3 fatty acids ( DHA and EPA ). Focused on investing all the research and innovation possible in achieving unique formulations, their constant development has led them to develop specific nutritional supplements and compounds that, in addition to providing essential and very beneficial nutrients for our body, are very easy to assimilate.

Focused as a priority objective on the development of their NUA Omega 3 formulas with DHA and EPA, they have little by little expanded their research to create NUA products that go beyond Omega 3 , seeking innovative, specific formulations with high added value. Through constant clinical trials and exhaustive monitoring of all their products, they have managed to create a collaboration network with prestigious institutions, such as the CSIC or the CIMA, which guarantee the results they obtain.

The NUA Omega 3 properties are very positive for well-being and health, since all its formulas are made with innovative raw materials and unique compositions of the highest quality, backed by the IFOS seal in all its Omega 3s. Thanks to the research already the safety of its products, NUA Biological has emerged as a leading brand when it comes to producing DHA and EPA supplements. For this reason, at Farma2Go we recommend their NUA Omega 3, which will undoubtedly satisfy the specific needs of any client with total guarantee and efficiency.

What Properties does NUA Biological have?

NUA Omega 3 always seeks excellence in its products, using unique raw materials of the highest quality and safety. In fact, the manufacturers of their Omega 3 oils are members of GOED (Global Organization for EPA & DHA), which guarantees the highest quality standards for their products. All the DHA and EPA used in NUA Omega 3 products are subject to very demanding and rigorous quality programs to obtain food supplements of international prestige that guarantee that the quantities of the active ingredient DHA or EPA are the most appropriate.

How is NUA Omega 3 Obtained?

The Omega 3 fatty acid NUA is obtained from medium-sized fish in the wild and is synthesized through a CO2 liquid supercritical extraction purification system. With it, it is possible not to subject the oil to high temperatures, with a non-aggressive process that does not require chemical solvents or extreme conditions of pressure and temperature, or isomerization and oxidation processes. Therefore, the method of obtaining DHA and EPA from Omega 3 NUA is harmless to the oil, preserving its quality and natural benefits to the maximum, in addition to being a process that does not have a negative impact on the environment. Thus, its quality and respect for the planet are some of the reasons why at Farma2Go we have opted for this leading brand in the sector. Don't hesitate and try the magnificent NUA Omega 3 properties . Your body will thank you!

NUA Products

What Composition Do NUA Omega 3 Products Have?

In the Farma2Go catalog you can find a wide variety of Omega 3 NUA, such as NUA DHA or NUA EPA , supplements that have practically no heavy metals, PCBs, furans or dioxins, nor do they have saturated or trans fats, or fish proteins, lactose or gluten. In addition, their oils do not oxidize, so in short, they are very safe, effective and long-lasting products. For this reason, in our online pharmacy we want to put all NUA Omega 3 Products within your reach, striving to offer them to you at the best price on the market.

NUA Products

NUA products contain large amounts of Omega 3 , an essential fatty acid, that is, it is not produced naturally by the body and we must obtain it through the diet. Using NUA Omega 3 food supplements we can provide great benefits to our body. To begin with, Omega 3 strengthens the immune system to avoid injuries and joint pain or stiffness. Likewise, it is very positive for circulation and, together with a balanced diet and physical exercise, it can significantly improve body composition, reducing the risk of disease due to obesity. At Farma2Go we have included several NUA Biological Innovations products in our catalog, so that you can enjoy all the benefits of Omega 3 in the most comfortable way and from your home.

What is NUA DHA?

The NUA DHA nutritional supplement has high concentrations of DHA, a type of Omega 3 fat essential for human health. NUA DHA differs from other Omega 3 because practically the entire composition of its pearls is Omega 3, with hardly any additions, achieving a very stimulating supply of DHA for the body. Furthermore, the DHA present in NUA DHA is a highly purified and concentrated form, in order to extract all the benefits of Omega 3 for our well-being. At Farma2Go you can find NUA DHA 1000 , with great cognitive and health benefits, or NUA DHA 500 Lemon , in chewable and flavored format to facilitate its consumption by children or people with swallowing problems. Look for the best NUA Offers to get your Omega 3 supplement at the best prices online.


What is NUA EPA?

NUA EPA is a concentrated EPA food supplement , a type of Omega 3 fat of marine origin that, together with DHA, are the most important fatty acids for human health. NUA EPA provides one of the highest levels of this type of Omega 3 on the market, ensuring total effectiveness and excellent assimilation. The NUA laboratory was a pioneer in separating DHA and EPA into two different products, obtaining specific products in the form of supplements for the specific needs of each person. If you want to enjoy all its benefits, search our catalog for NUA EPA 1200 30 Capsules , one of the purest and most concentrated sources of EPA on the market, and, with a couple of clicks, you will have it at home in 24 hours*. If you need larger quantities and are looking for a more profitable price, you can also opt for the NUA EPA 1200 90 Capsules format.



Hydroxytyrosol is one of the most effective antioxidants that exist in nature. Its continued intake can achieve optimal results in our health and well-being, avoiding oxidative stress and damage from free radicals. For this reason, NUA laboratories have created HIDROXINUA 25 , a powerful antioxidant that counteracts tissue oxidation thanks to the supplement of this type of active ingredient, which in the medium and long term can contribute to reducing the risk of numerous diseases and future health problems. . Thanks to Farma2Go you will be able to have its antioxidant action with the greatest ease and guarantee.