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MITOSYL, Daily Baby Care

MITOSYL is a brand specialized in skin care for babies with a long history behind it. MITOSYL Ointment is loaded with beneficial properties for delicate and irritated skin, which can significantly improve the condition of the skin in the diaper area with its MITOSYL Products, enriched with zinc oxide, cod liver oil (rich in Vitamin A and D), lanolin and Vaseline. The daily use of MITOSYL Protective Creams are ideal for the daily care of irritations and stings that cause great discomfort and discomfort to your little one.

Buying MITOSYL Products guarantees excellent, top-quality baby skin care, from the first day of birth. Among its ranges you can find the best MITOSYL Ointments, protective creams and lotions , with hypoallergenic and maximum tolerance formulations. For this reason, at Farma2Go we are committed to MITOSYL products, aware of their effectiveness and their constant efforts to improve the children's dermatological care offered by this brand. As it could not be otherwise, in our online pharmacy we work so that you can buy MITOSYL at the best price on the market.


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MITOSYL has a varied and wide range of products to protect and care for the most sensitive skin of babies. In the Farma2Go catalog you can buy MITOSYL products specialized in these tasks, to ensure maximum quality in care for your little one. Don't hesitate: you will find the best MITOSYL Ointment for your baby's bottom and diaper change at Farma2Go, with unbeatable prices and discounts. Enjoy the best MITOSYL offers to care for your little one with the greatest delicacy and softness.

MITOSYL Products

How does MITOSYL Protective Ointment Work?

MITOSYL Ointment is especially indicated for the protection of the skin of the baby's bottom, offering delicate care to prevent irritation, redness and itching. Especially indicated for changing diapers, it has ingredients with great regenerating and moisturizing properties so that your baby does not have discomfort or discomfort in the diaper area. Buy MITOSYL Protective Ointment at Farma2Go to take care of your baby with the best protective and softening action. You will be delighted with its results!

Furthermore, in our online pharmacy, aware of the quality of MITOSYL products and the satisfaction of our customers, given that all the MITOSYL Opinions we receive rate these infant care products excellently , we offer you the MITOSYL DUPLO Protective Ointment Pack , with which you can save 40% on the second unit. Go ahead and buy at Farma2Go and enjoy the best MITOSYL Offers.

What is the composition of MITOSYL Pasta Lassar?

Buying MITOSYL Lassar Paste , which acts like a protective barrier on your little one's skin, keeping it dry and protected for a long time, is a fantastic idea. Its formula is specially designed for prolonged periods without a diaper change, such as resting at night. It is made with corn starch, an ingredient that stands out for its great absorbent properties, which allow it to eliminate moisture for a long time. Without a doubt, an excellent alternative to talcum powder and a MITOSYL product that will help moms stay calm during those moments when you can't be so focused on changing the diaper.