SINGULADERM Pack "Expression Shock Routine" Xpert SOS + Expression Cream Normal Skin

SINGULADERM Pack "Expression Shock Routine" is composed of:

  • Singuladerm Xpert SOS 2x10ml (vials).
  • Singuladerm Xpert Expression Normal/Dry Skin 50ml.

This pack contains

SINGULADERM Pack "Expression Shock Routine" is composed of:

  • Singuladerm Xpert SOS 2x10ml (vials).
  • Singuladerm Xpert Expression Normal/Dry Skin 50ml.

SINGULADERM Pack "Expression Shock Routine" Xpert SOS + Expression Cream Normal Skin

Singuladerm Pack "Expression Shock Routine" contains 2 Xpert SOS vials . and Xpert Expression anti-aging cream for normal skin .

By combining these two Singuladerm products you will obtain results such as: reduction of deep wrinkles , prevention of skin blemishes and also offers anti-pollution action.

This pack of Singuladerm "Expression Shock Routine" is indicated for young skin with first wrinkles.

SINGULADERM Xpert SOS 2x10ml vials

It is an anti-aging and anti-pollution treatment for skin with expression wrinkles .

The first symptoms that our skin is stressed is when dark circles appear, the skin changes tone and becomes more dull and dull. All of this can occur due to lack of sleep, stress, change in diet... To do this, we can use products that help us recover a healthy appearance of our skin .

Singuladerm SOS contains the highest concentration of the most famous anti-wrinkle peptide , AH-8 , a biomimetic peptide that modulates dermal contraction without altering natural facial expression.

It also contains a powerful biomimetic peptide , Neoclair-Pro 2%. Inspired by the antioxidant benefits of green tea that acts by activating the internal mechanisms of the skin, thus increasing its natural capacity in terms of detoxification, antioxidation and for a 360º anti-pollution effect.

Indicated for all skin types with expression wrinkles , incipient or marked: barcode, forehead, nasolabial, crow's feet...

It can be used as a corrective treatment for expression wrinkles , as well as a periodic shock treatment.

Advantages of using Singuladerm Xpert SOS

  • Wrinkles visibly diminish.
  • Anti-aging effect.
  • Antioxidant action.
  • Reduces the depth of wrinkles by up to 23% in 7 days.
  • Modern anti-pollution action.
  • Delays the appearance of expression lines.
  • Antiradical action.
  • Prevents damage to cellular DNA.
  • Prevents skin photoaging.
  • Prevents the appearance of skin spots.

For what skin type is Singuladerm Xpert SOS indicated?

It is indicated for young skin with the first , incipient or marked expression wrinkles.

Singuladerm Xpert SOSmain composition

  • 20% AH-8 : most famous anti-wrinkle peptide with “botox like” effect.
  • 2% NeØclair-Pro™ : biomimetic antioxidant, detoxifying peptide and reduces inflammation.

How is Singuladerm Xpert SOS applied?

  • Remove the protective plastic from the vial. Press the piston of the cap and shake the mixture. Next, remove the plastic cap and place the applicator.
  • Once the mixture is made , apply once or twice a day to clean facial skin , massaging gently until completely absorbed.
  • Then apply the most appropriate treatment cream.
  • Use one vial per week for four consecutive weeks.

SINGULADERM Xpert Expression Normal/Dry Skin 50ml

Anti-aging moisturizing cream specially designed to correct and prevent expression wrinkles.

It acts doubly on expression wrinkles in addition to preventing metabolic and photoinduced wrinkles . The anti-free radical effect of its exclusive formula with biomimetic peptides protects the skin from intrinsic and extrinsic factors that cause aging, keeping it younger for longer .

It can be used as a topical alternative to botulinum toxin injections or as a complement to them, with clinically proven results.

Did you know that our face makes more than 15,000 facial movements every day? These types of expressions, which are repeated over the years, are what cause the first expression wrinkles as the skin tissue ages.

Singuladerm Xpert Expression acts directly on the lines around the eyes, lips, nose or even between the eyebrows, using a peptide complex to promote muscle relaxation and prevent the appearance of new wrinkles.

Advantages of Singuladerm Xpert Expression Normal/Dry Skin

  • Anti-aging moisturizing cream.
  • Normal/dry skin.
  • Corrects and prevents expression wrinkles.
  • Prevents premature skin aging.
  • Keeps the skin hydrated and velvety.
  • With antioxidant action.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Dermatologically tested.

Singuladerm Xpert Expression Normal/Dry Skin main ingredients

  • 10% Acetyl Hexapeptide-8®.
  • 5% Munapsys®.
  • 2% Neoclair Pro®.

Who is Singuladerm Xpert Expression Normal/Dry Skin indicated for?

It is indicated to treat expression lines and prevent their appearance.

How is Singuladerm Xpert Expression Normal/Dry Skin applied?

  • Apply to the face , on clean skin with a light massage until completely absorbed.

You can combine this product with any other product from our range of Serums or Anti-Aging Cares.

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