INTIMINA Laselle High Resistance Kegel Exerciser 48g

Laselle Kegel exercisers can help you:

• Prevent and overcome urinary incontinence

• Prepare and strengthen her for a healthy pregnancy

• Recover and restore the strength of your pelvic floor after childbirth

• Improve the couple's feelings during intimate relationships

Our exercisers are made from the highest quality materials, including 100% body-friendly coverage for a safer and more hygienic workout.

Laselle offers a complete training program to strengthen the pelvic floor with the greatest comfort and effectiveness.

There are 3 different weight levels that allow you to choose the most appropriate one in your particular case:

Low resistance (28 g.) : ideal for women who have a weaker pelvic floor or for beginners.

Medium resistance (38 g.) : recommended for women who have already practiced Kegel exercises without weight.

High resistance (48 g.) : ideal for those who have practiced Kegel exercises with weights and are looking for a more advanced workout.

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