Homeopathic medicine that combats the symptoms of flu processes, as well as helps prevent contagion during periods of flu exposure. Preventive and symptomatic treatment of influenza. Oscillococcinum is homeopathy indicated to prevent the flu and to combat its symptoms. It is a homeopathic medicine that is indicated to end the symptoms of flu processes, such as, among others, headache, malaise, fever, chills and muscle pain. These are very similar to those of the flu, although they are more intense. Oscillococcinum, being a homeopathic medicine, can be acquired without a prescription, as it is indicated for the treatment and prevention of minor conditions, for which the intervention of a doctor is not necessary. Even so, the intake must be controlled and the dosage instructions followed, so that the results obtained are the desired ones. If more than three days pass, flu symptoms continue or worsen, even if you are taking Boiron Oscillococcinum, you should see a doctor. Who is it indicated for? It is indicated in the symptomatic treatment of flu states and in the period of flu exposure. How to use it? The indications for taking Oscillococcinum vary depending on the moment in which the patient is. In the case of exposure to flu, one dose per week should be taken. Once the flu process has started and the first symptoms have appeared, it is recommended to take a single-dose container as soon as you notice the symptoms, and, if necessary, repeat the intake two or three times a day, every 6 hours. If there is already a flu state, it should be taken twice, one container in the morning and another at night, for three days. As a recommendation, to remove the single-dose containers you have to take the tray that contains the three containers together, push one of them from the transparent side until the seal breaks and you can remove it. Remember that this homeopathy medicine must be poured directly into the entire content of the single dose under the tongue and dissolved there. Pharmacist's Recommendation: Seasonal flu, which usually occurs mainly between the months of December and January, comes from a virus that usually circulates for about nine weeks. It is not only a consequence of one virus, but of several that together cause flu symptoms that become a seasonal illness, causing you to stay in bed for several days, since it is usually accompanied by a high fever. These viruses begin to appear in autumn and last until the end of winter, so you have to take care of yourself before, to prevent them, during and after, to avoid getting sick. The flu is one of the main diseases that, at certain times of the year, fill the waiting rooms of consultations and hospitals. That is why, from the online pharmacy DosFarma.com, we recommend preventing it, as well as other pathologies. Oscillococcinum is a good option to avoid the spread of the flu. Both this and other medicines can be found in our product catalogue, among which is Boiron homeopathy. There is a wide range of homeopathic medicines on the market with which to prevent diseases, treat them, as well as reduce and eliminate their symptoms. Within this catalog we find products such as Sedatif Pc, a homeopathic treatment indicated for emotional and anxiety disorders that usually cause problems in falling asleep. In the DosFarma online pharmacy you can find Oscillococcinum at really low prices, making health care closer to everyone's reach. If you have questions about these or other DosFarma products or medications, you can contact our pharmaceutical professionals by calling 968 977 968 ​​or sending an email to info@dosfarma.com


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