ORLILOSS 60MG 84 Capsules


Orliloss is a medication indicated to facilitate weight loss in adults. Treatment with this medication must be accompanied by a weight loss diet adapted to individual needs.

In the composition of Orliloss we find the active ingredient orlistat , a compound that acts by reducing the amount of fat that is absorbed in food, eliminating it with feces.

Below we indicate the recommended dosage and method of use for correct use of Orliloss:

  • Before starting to take this medication, you should contact your doctor or nutritionist to advise you on a weight loss diet suitable for your needs. It is also recommended to practice some physical exercise.

  • Adults 18 years and older: take 1 capsule 3 times a day, together with lunch, lunch and dinner. You should not take more than 3 capsules daily.

  • The capsule can be taken before, during or up to 1 hour after main meals. If for any reason you do not eat one of the 3 main meals, do not take any capsules.

  • Orliloss should not be taken for more than 6 months.

Children, pregnant or breast- feeding women should not take this medicine.

The most common side effects of Orliloss are: gas, sudden bowel movements, oily or greasy stools, stomach pain, loose stools or anxiety.



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