URGO Cold Sores Fimogel 3ML

URGO Calenturas is indicated for the protection and treatment of cold sores , also known as fever blisters or cold sores. Its use ranges from the first symptoms of the appearance of fever (tingling, swelling, itching, stinging, small blisters...) until its complete healing.

URGO Calenturas with its exclusive Filmogel® Technology, effective in all stages of fever , forms a flexible and transparent film.

Product advantages:

Urgo Calenturas is a very innovative liquid dressing with 2-in-1 action: it acts BEFORE and AFTER the outbreak of the outbreak.

BEFORE the eruption: URGO Calenturas limits the emergence of the outbreak . The film formed by URGO Calenturas acts from the first symptoms, relieving tingling, burning and burning.

AFTER the rash: limits the formation of blisters, vesicles and scabs, promotes the healing of fever and prevents contagion.

The liquid dressing formed is flexible and adaptable to all shapes and sizes of fevers. You can apply makeup or lipstick on top.

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