Senti2 Cleansing Tablets 30 units

Senti2 cleaning tablets 30 pcs.


Senti2 cleaning tablets 30 pcs.

Senti2 Cleansing Tablets 30 units

Effervescent cleaning tablets for dentures, removable orthodontic appliances and discharge splints.

They eliminate 99.9% of bacteria. Triple action: anti-plaque + anti-stain + eliminates bad odors.

Thanks to their active oxygen, they clean deeply, where the brush cannot reach, and remove dental plaque.

Suitable for disinfecting all removable orthodontic appliances, relief splints and complete or partial dental prostheses.

They do not contain oxidizing or corrosive agents, so they do not damage dental appliances when cleaning them.

They help recover the original color.

In addition, they contain mint essences, leaving fresh breath.

They prevent dental plaque and can prevent the formation of tartar.

Content: 30 tablets.


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