LACER Chlorhexidine Bioadhesive Gel 50ML

Chlorhexidine Lacer is a broad-spectrum antiseptic that is highly effective against microorganisms in dental plaque. Its action is rapid, it maintains its effect for a long period of time, preventing bacterial recolonization of the oral cavity.

Chlorhexidine Lacer acts at different levels:

• Eliminates the existing bacterial plaque structure and inhibits the adhesion of mucosal-valve proteins.
• Prevents the formation of new bacterial plaque.
• Destroys the microorganisms responsible for the formation of dental plaque.

It is indicated as an adjuvant in the treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis . It is also effective as maintenance therapy in periodontal and pre-implant treatments, in periodontal surgery (pre- and post-operative), in implantology, in dental prophylaxis of irradiated patients (rampant caries), in orthodontics and in gerodontology.
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