BLEVIT Gluten-Free Baby Bottle 500g

Blevit® BIBE Gluten-free has 95% cereals (rice and corn) and also provides 14 vitamins and minerals and a high fiber content.


Blevit® BIBE Gluten-free has 95% cereals (rice and corn) and also provides 14 vitamins and minerals and a high fiber content.

BLEVIT Gluten-Free Baby Bottle 500g

- 0% Added sugars: no added sugars to prevent the baby from getting used to excessively sweet flavors and their usual consumption.

- Special for baby bottles : through an exclusive production system that allows you to prepare the complete portion of baby food in the bottle without clogging the nipple.

- High fiber content: provides 4% FOS, soluble fiber with positive effects at the intestinal level.

- With 14 vitamins, calcium, iron and zinc: a cereal porridge enriched with nutrients that are essential for the proper functioning of the body.

- Growth and development: we make our cereals with ingredients that help meet the baby's needs. Among others, we highlight calcium , which promotes bone development, vitamin C, which improves the absorption of iron, and vitamin D , which contributes to the maintenance of teeth.

- Supports your immune system: thanks to its high content of iron and zinc that help the functioning of the normal immune system. In addition, iron contributes to the baby's cognitive development.

- Cereals WITHOUT: Without preservatives, without added salts, without artificial flavors and free of GMOs. Because we carefully select cereals especially for babies.


Cereal flours 95% (hydrolyzed rice, corn), fructooligosaccharides 4%, minerals (calcium, iron, zinc), vitamins (C, E, niacin, pantothenic acid, B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B6, A, folic acid, biotin, D), aroma. No palm oil. May contain traces of milk.


Preparation is instant. It does not need to be cooked, just dissolve it in the chosen liquid to obtain a porridge with a soft, homogeneous texture and pleasant flavor.

- To take in a bottle or glass: add 6 level tablespoons (approximately 25 g) to the bottle with 200 ml of hot milk that the baby drinks normally.

Shake until you obtain a homogeneous mixture.

In older children it can be administered dissolved in a glass.


Indicated in the complementary feeding of babies from 4 months and also in those cases in which a gluten-free diet is required.

Ideal to start the introduction of complementary foods to milk in addition to being a source of complex carbohydrates, fiber and essential micronutrients

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