LACER Orthodontic Toothbrush

For daily oral hygiene in orthodontic wearers.


For daily oral hygiene in orthodontic wearers.

Filaments of different sizes with a V-shaped cut that allow you to maintain complete oral hygiene, eliminate dental plaque, protect the gums and eliminate food debris and plaque deposited on the brackets, bands and wires.

0.007 inch diameter external filaments and 0.008 inch diameter internal filaments.


HANDLE: Bi-material, anatomical, with a flexible neck without memory that allows the user to adjust the brushing pressure to the user's liking, preventing breakage. Material: Copolyester BR 003.

TYNEX FILAMENTS: Highly flexible, adapting perfectly to interdental spaces and any relief of the tooth surface.

HEAD : Small, fully rounded diamond-shaped head that facilitates brushing on hard-to-reach surfaces, avoiding possible injuries to the gums and oral mucosa.

Exclusive protective cap for LACER TECHNIC.

NECK: elongated, thin and flexible that allows easy access to any corner of the mouth.


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