ELANCYL Slim Design Rebel Cellulite Night 200ML

Elancyl Slim Design Rebel Cellulite Night is a complex 3D caffeine treatment with triple impact on stubborn cellulite that smoothes nodules, providing elasticity and firming the skin.

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Save €5.00

Elancyl Slim Design Rebel Cellulite Night is a complex 3D caffeine treatment with triple impact on stubborn cellulite that smoothes nodules, providing elasticity and firming the skin.


Elancyl Slim Design Rebel Cellulite Allows you to activate and expand the elimination of cellulite.

The association Cecropia and Caffeine with its “fat-cutting” action favors the degradation of all types of fat, even the most resistant.

The extract of apple branches, with an anti-accumulation effect, reduces the appearance of new cellulite.

Thanks to Sichuan pepper, the formation of new fat cells is limited, with long-lasting effectiveness. Firms and beautifies the skin.

Ivy extract reinforces skin elasticity and firmness.


Thanks to years of research, the 3D (Caffeine Complex) specifically targets for the first time the 3 main factors that combines an unprecedented association of exceptional active ingredients with proven efficacy: ivy, caffeine and for the first time, a unique plant active ingredient, salacia, which acts directly on the rigidification of connective tissue, one of the main responsible for the orange peel appearance.

  1. Double action on the elasticity of the skin : Thanks to SALACIA, it allows you to obtain a visible smoothing of the nodules, metamorphosing the architecture of the connective tissue for firmed, smooth and redefined skin. and IVY also reinforces the elasticity and firmness of the skin and, thanks to the stimulation of the massage, the ivy extract promotes physiological drainage and the elimination of toxins.
  2. Reduction of the appearance of cellulite: The Cecropia / Caffeine active duo, thanks to a unique action on the entire lipolytic degradation chain, allows the Triglycerides contained in the adipocyte to be transformed into free fatty acids, in which way they can be eliminated.
  3. Prevention of cellulite formation: Floridizin blocks the entry of sugars into the adipocyte, limiting fat storage. Xanthoxylin slows down the development of mature adipocytes, capable of storing fat, and limits the development of new storage cells, deactivating the mechanism of cellulite formation.
  4. Buy Elancyl Slim Design Rebel Cellulite is the new formula to fight cellulite in just 7 days at a good price
  5. People increasingly take better care of themselves and give more importance to physical appearance. In addition to physical exercise and healthy food, it is necessary, in many cases, the help of effective products to reach the goal. One of the main objectives of women today is to eliminate excess fat from certain areas (hips, belly, legs...) and firm said area to leave healthy skin.
  6. Elancyl Slim Design Rebel Cellulite is the innovation to treat that resistant cellulite that is so difficult to eliminate from your body. Thanks to its formula based on a caffeine complex, it allows smoothing of nodules and leaving skin firm, returning the natural and healthy appearance of before. Always in constant innovation, Elancyl has managed to develop a product that is capable of acting on the architecture of cellulite and with just one application its effect lasts 24 hours. Its complex composition allows the release of active ingredients during the day to promote lipolysis, and other active ingredients that are released at night while your skin rests to block lipogenesis. In addition, its light, easily absorbed texture and pleasant fresh aroma help make your suo more bearable.
  7. Now it is possible to fight against that stubborn cellulite that has caused us so much headache to eliminate from our body. Go ahead and buy Elancyl Slim Design Rebel Cellulite and show off a great figure!

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