GLUC UP 15 Strawberry Flavor 10 Sticks


Gluc Up 15 is the specific solution for low glucose levels that provides quick and easy control of them.

With Gluc Up 15 goodbye to the crash! Gluc Up 15 comes in 30ml sticks that contain exactly 15g of glucose. An easy and simple way to always have your Gluc Up 15 on hand so that the crash doesn't catch you by surprise.

  • Quick absorption
    Gluc Up 15 contains exactly 15g of glucose that is quickly absorbed since it is the reference monosaccharide and the one with the highest glycemic index.

  • Easy to take
    Due to its liquid texture and the design of its stick, open and that's it.

  • Easy to transport
    Its single-dose stick is very comfortable and easy to carry with you, to have it on hand when you need it.

  • Good taste
    Pleasant texture and good flavor.
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