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Thermometers and Temperature Measurement

Thermometers to measure body temperature with the aim of detecting possible symptoms of fever in adults, children or babies. Each thermometer presents its own characteristics and specifications, but the development and innovation of its technology is something common to all its types, allowing greater efficiency, precision and speed in the measurement.

The body temperature of individuals, under normal (not extreme) environmental conditions, is usually between 35 and 376.5º C, so exceeding these values ​​will indicate that there are symptoms of fever in the body.

It is important to ensure our health and ensure that we do not have symptoms of contagious diseases, to detect the disease as soon as possible and, in addition to facilitating its treatment and cure, prevent contagion to third parties. Therefore, thermometers turn out to be of great importance to prevent the spread of the virus among the population. With the simple action of monitoring your temperature you can help and actively contribute to putting an end to the serious consequences of promoting viral spread.

Types of Thermometers

At Farma2Go you can find various types of thermometers, each of which will have its own specific characteristics and uses, allowing the user to purchase the thermometer that best suits their needs. Apart from thermometers designed for very specific and specific issues (such as ear thermometers), there are three most common varieties:

-Glass and mercury thermometer: The classic thermometer, the one of a lifetime. Currently, thanks to the development and improvement of measurement techniques and health sciences, there is evidence that mercury can carry certain health risks, which is why it is contraindicated. In their place, glass thermometers have been appearing with other temperature-sensitive liquids, such as those made of galinstan, which can be used in a completely safe way. This type of thermometer takes significantly longer than others to measure the temperature, and its reading can be somewhat more cumbersome, and can lead to slight involuntary inaccuracies. Even so, this rudimentary method is still effective and widely used.

-Digital thermometer: This variety of thermometers have a screen and a metal tip, which collects body temperature in a very short time, quickly transferring the measurement to the screen, for a precise and accurate display of the recorded temperature. It is very hygienic, since it is easy to clean and disinfect, and its use is as simple as that of traditional thermometers.

-Infrared thermometer: Infrared thermometers are capable of taking temperature readings without contact, through rays that the device emits and reach the skin without harming health at all. Very practical and effective, their technological development allows precise and fast measurements. They are ideal for use on babies, measuring on their forehead or ear comfortably without hurting or scaring them.

Temperature Control

Infrared thermometers are especially useful for checking people's temperatures, especially in crowded public or private places, since they can take measurements in a few seconds and facilitate rapid and urgent detection of those cases that may be suffering from mild symptoms of viral diseases, often imperceptible but equally contagious.

At Farma2Go we keep up to date with all the advances in the sciences of measurement and auscultation in order to offer you the highest quality and most precise thermometers, gadgets and accessories at the best price.