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Antibacterial Protection Masks

Antibacterial protection masks that filter the air to prevent us from coming into contact with particles that are harmful to our health and that of those around us, such as viruses or pathogens, when breathing or speaking.

At Farma2Go you can find a huge variety of masks, of all types, sizes and formats, to suit the ideal use of each person. Non-reusable surgical masks, comfortable and easy to breathe, and various sizes for children and adults, for sale individually, packs of 5, boxes of 50, 100... We also have FFP2 and KN95 masks, personal protective equipment that filter more than 95% of the suspended particles in the air, protecting in a very safe way from bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, liquid or solid aerosols. Likewise, we have reusable ecological masks, which resist 40 washings and ironing, in different formats, colors and designs, to guarantee your safety at any time and place.

We always accompany the sheet of our protective mask products with their relevant certificates and control tests, to guarantee our customers that the products they buy are perfectly approved and categorized for use.

If you are looking to protect yourself from viruses, we can help you by transferring some of the recommendations that the health authorities have made in this matter:

Hygienic masks: recommended for healthy people and without contact with contagious diseases, always together with the recommendations for physical distancing and hygiene from the Ministry of Health.

Surgical masks: for people who have been infected, who have symptoms or who are asymptomatic positive.

PPE masks (FFP1, FFP2-KN95, FFP3): people who care for or are in contact with people who are symptomatic or positive for contagious diseases, people in contact with the virus, for vulnerable groups.