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Scalp Treatments

Scalp Treatments at Farma2Go

At Farma2go you will find the best scalp treatments, as we offer you a wide range of products that will adapt to your hair needs.

Because, you know what?

The secret to having beautiful and healthy hair starts with the scalp.

Although you focus a lot on the hair that grows on it, the scalp and skin , which is made up of proteins and lipids.

Like the skin on your face, it can be congested, dry or oily, as hair follicles become clogged by sebum accumulation and overuse of hair styling products.

This is usually the cause of most hair problems such as dandruff, damaged fibers, scalp sensitivity and hair breakage.

At Farma2go we have night care for hair, neutralizing emulsions enriched with keratin, repair sprays, tonics, lotions, or special conditioners to lovingly treat your scalp.

Access our catalog and choose the care that suits what you need:

  1. Specialized products for scalp care: At Farma2go you find a wide variety of specialized products for all types of scalp needs : anti-dandruff treatment, treatment for itching, for hair loss or for sensitive scalp, you will find options designed to address each concern effectively.
  2. Quality ingredients and effective formulas: In our scalp treatments section, you will find products formulated with quality ingredients and effective formulas backed by recognized brands.
  3. Options for all types of hair and scalp: At Farma2go you can find alternatives for all types of hair and scalp. Products designed to adapt to different hair textures and specific scalp conditions, providing personalized solutions.

At Farma2go you will find star products such as:

Xhekpon Flash Collagen Toner 150ml

SESDERMA Azelaic Lotion 100ml

DUCRAY Squanorm Anti-Dandruff Lotion with Zinc 200ml

The scalp is the foundation of healthy and radiant hair. At Farma2go you will find a wide variety of products designed specifically to give your scalp the care it needs.

Frequently asked questions about scalp treatments:

What are the benefits of using scalp treatments?

They offer a number of advantages to maintain a healthy scalp and promote hair growth.

Using these types of treatments regularly can yield some benefits including, but not limited to, reducing dandruff, relieving itching and irritation, controlling excessive oil, strengthening hair follicles, stimulating hair growth , and improving hair quality. the general health of the scalp.

When should I use a scalp treatment?

Scalp treatments are used to address specific needs related to the scalp, such as dandruff, itching, sensitivity, dryness or excess oil.

They can also be used as part of a preventative care routine to keep the scalp in healthy condition.

Are there natural treatments for the scalp?

Yes, there are some that use natural ingredients, these usually avoid the use of aggressive chemicals .

They are based on active ingredients such as essential oils, plant extracts and others known for their beneficial properties for the scalp and hair.

What is the difference between a scalp treatment and a regular shampoo?

The main difference between a scalp treatment and a regular shampoo lies in its focus and function.

While a regular shampoo focuses on cleansing the hair and scalp, a scalp treatment goes further by addressing specific scalp concerns, such as dandruff, itchiness, sensitivity or hair loss.

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At Farma2go you can find all types of scalp treatments, specially designed to address different hair health problems.