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Luxury cosmetics with the most important brands of premium high-end cosmetics . Products to cleanse, tone, care for and protect your skin.

At Farma2Go we have the best luxury cosmetic brands to cover all your skin's needs and follow a premium beauty routine .

Each skin has its own nature. That is why different ranges of cosmetic products are necessary depending on the needs of your skin, whether it is oily, dry or combination skin.

All the high-end cosmetic brands that we offer you at Farma2Go will adapt to your skin type with high-quality cosmetics .

Luxury cosmetics are not available to everyone. In this section of Farma2Go, you can find the best premium cosmetic products at more affordable prices. Ranges of creams, treatments and beauty products from the most prestigious brands. These premium cosmetics stand out for the enormous investment in technology and work of the best professionals and experts that their creation and research requires.

Premium cosmetic products stand out for visually drawing attention, through an elegant, careful and luxurious design, even looking like a small work of art; They also stand out for their silky touch and easy application; for its delicate and discreet aroma; and for its effectiveness, which will reinforce beauty through exquisite skin care. Of course, all the products in this luxury cosmetics section are made with the highest quality ingredients carefully selected to achieve perfect formulas for the skin.

What is Premium Cosmetics?

Although at Farma2Go we only work with the best brands and we have great cosmetic products at affordable prices in our catalogue, for those people who want to aspire to maximum beauty care, we have this section, where you will find creams, concentrated serums and treatments with the highest quality of ingredients and with the highest concentrations of active ingredients, perfectly integrated into safe and effective formulas thanks to research from the most prestigious brands in the sector. Leading cosmetic laboratories design powerful R&D plans that research and launch new ingredients with studies that support their effectiveness and results on the skin.

The result of this work are the cosmetic products that you will find here, based on ingredients of the highest quality, achieving dazzling quality in textures, aromas and effectiveness. This cosmetic is aimed at those people who value luxury, enjoy a more sensory experience, are very careful with the impression it leaves on the skin, delight in textures and fragrances and are passionate about trying the most exotic and exclusive ingredients. All these factors end up creating a unique experience through cosmetic products, which thanks to Farma2Go are a little more within your reach.

What Differentiates Luxury Cosmetics from Common Cosmetics?

The main characteristic of premium cosmetics is that it offers unmatched quality. In the case of makeup, they have an immense finish and duration, if it is a shampoo or cleansing product, the result is instant softness, if it is a facial care product, you get radiant skin immediately. In addition, high-end cosmetic products are much more efficient: with a few drops you can obtain incredible results. Choose high-end cosmetics to achieve greater sophistication and enjoy a unique sensory experience. The difference between these cosmetics and conventional ones is so vast that it cannot be described solely in words. Take a look at our catalog and treat yourself: dare to enjoy luxury to get the most out of your beauty routines.

How to Distinguish High Cosmetics?

High-end cosmetics , whether creams, serums or makeup, are luxury products that must necessarily be dermatologically tested and tested for at least two years before being marketed, in order to guarantee their effectiveness and long-term beneficial properties. term. And there are many normal, everyday cosmetic products that, even though they seem to work well in the short term, can be counterproductive in the long term. However, with premium cosmetics this will not happen, due in part to being rich in active ingredients that penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, so that its effectiveness does not remain a superficial testimony, but acts inside the skin. body, making our skin reflect the inner beauty.

Premium cosmetic products also tend to be hypoallergenic, meaning they have a minimal risk of causing allergic reactions. They are not comedogenic, so they do not clog pores in any way, which can happen with low-quality cosmetics that promote the proliferation of unpleasant and unsightly blackheads or comedones. The big cosmetic brands take great care of their formulations to ensure that their top-quality star products do not generate any compensation for users. This implies that acquiring and using high-end cosmetics is insurance for beauty and skin care, which will work perfectly and will not cause any adverse effects.

What are the Star Ingredients of Luxury Cosmetics?

Anti-aging cosmetic care is based on the elimination of dead cells, the smoothing of wrinkles, the illumination of the complexion, the redefinition of contours and the renewal of the skin. To do this, a series of active ingredients are necessary, present in all luxury cosmetic products. Thus, quality moisturizing agents such as Hyaluronic Acid, antioxidants such as Vitamin C for the day and antioxidants for the night such as Retinols, are essential. In addition to these, premium cosmetics include a sophistication that can only be achieved thanks to uniquely exclusive ingredients such as flowers specially designed biologically for cosmetic purposes, treatments developed in laboratories such as neuropeptides, DMAE and phospholipids, or super luxurious and effective elements such as caviar. white or even diamond dust!

There is no doubt that the brands that appear in this section of Farma2Go invest all their effort in discovering new active ingredients in nature itself or synthetic molecules, with which they can improve the quality of the skin and satisfy the needs. of the users. Furthermore, another of the great advances of these premium products is achieving maximum effectiveness through simple formulas, to ensure basic care and avoid tolerance problems in extremely sensitive skin. And this is one of the keys to the best cleaning, hydration and skin care. Therefore, investing in good cosmetic products is essential to maximize our beauty and delay the signs of aging. At Farma2Go we strive to make it easier for you and offer you the best luxury cosmetic products, at the best price.

What Premium Cosmetic Brands can you find in Farma2Go?

The most important brands of high-end cosmetics we work with are SkinCeuticals, Filorga, Caudalie, Neostrata, Luxmetique, Lierac, Rilastil CumLaude Lab, De la Piel, Isdinceutics...

CAUDALIE: Focused on the secrets of the vine, this brand has developed extensive research projects with the best professionals to extract the purest and most effective active ingredients from the essential and vegetable oils of the vine and grapes. This key ingredient is a source of pure, valuable and natural beauty that the Caudalie team has been able to make the most of, specializing in it to achieve ranges of premium cosmetics extracted directly from the fruits, flowers and plants of French vineyards. One of its star products is CAUDALIE Premier Cru Anti-Aging Cream , a cream that exploits the best of the vine to reduce the signs of aging on the face and combat wrinkles and dryness, providing luminosity, firmness and flexibility. To complement and enhance its action, there is nothing better than CAUDALE Premier Cru Anti-Aging Serum , a corrector of signs of aging that smoothes wrinkles, firms the skin and reshapes the oval of the face, illuminating and unifying the complexion. Enjoy an exquisite treatment for your skin with these high-end cosmetic products. You will not regret.

FILORGA: Brand directly inspired by aesthetic medicine that has developed high-end cosmetic ranges after years of research on skin aging. Following the precepts of injectable aesthetic treatments, Filorga has created cosmetics with authentic anti-aging action with maximum effectiveness that combine science and luxury. For example, FILORGA NCEF-Reverse Supreme Multicorrective Cream is based on the NCEF cell stimulator, a unique complex that acts on the main quality parameters of the skin to enhance elasticity and luminosity. In addition, this brand takes care of its finishes, with creams such as FILORGA Global Repair Nutri-Rejuvenating Cream , with a velvety touch, which acts on all signs of skin aging with a visible and intensive rejuvenating effect. Enjoy the professionalism of this brand and its constant innovation in the form of luxury cosmetics.

SKINCEUTICALS: The research and development of technologies that help prevent premature aging of the skin have resulted in the high-end cosmetic ranges of this brand, committed to cutting-edge cosmetic science. Collaborating with the best scientists in the fields of cellular and molecular biology, as well as chemistry and biophysics, they have achieved extensive knowledge about skin and skin health that has positioned them as a leading brand in the premium cosmetics sector. . Impossible not to mention his SKINCEUTICALS Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 Anti-Aging Treatment , a cream that combines, in the appropriate ratio, the 3 lipids necessary to replenish and reinforce the skin barrier, mitigating the signs of aging and plumping the skin for a smoother, younger appearance and bright. On the other hand, Skinceuticals has developed clinically proven antioxidant serums focused on Vitamin C to neutralize free radical damage and protect the skin from oxidative stress. One of them is SKINCEUTICALS Phloretin CF Pure Vitamin C Serum , a high-end cosmetic that will delight the most demanding people. See for yourself the effects of these premium cosmetics and, at Farma2Go, as always, with the best online prices.