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Hygiene and Protection for Everyone at Farma2Go

Skin hygiene and disinfection products such as masks , hydroalcoholic gels, disposable gloves, thermometers and supplements. Find everything you need to protect yourself and the people around you from infections and viruses.

At Farma2Go you can find a huge variety of masks, of all types, sizes and formats, to suit the ideal use of each person. Non-reusable surgical masks, comfortable and easy to breathe, and various sizes for children and adults, for sale individually, packs of 5, boxes of 50, 100... We also have FFP2 and KN95 masks, personal protective equipment that filter more than 95% of the suspended particles in the air, protecting in a very safe way from bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, liquid or solid aerosols. Likewise, we have reusable ecological masks, which resist 40 washings and ironing, in different formats, colors and designs, to guarantee your safety at any time and place.

To protect and preserve the filtering efficiency of your reusable mask, it is recommended to store it in antibacterial cases to prevent bacteria and germs from adhering to the mask when you are not using it.

To prevent infections, it is also important to use hand sanitizing gel, which also reinforces the skin's natural defenses. Keeping your hands clean can prevent the spread of diseases in all areas of daily life. Hand washing can prevent the transmission of microorganisms.

For the little ones, it is recommended that they carry their hydroalcoholic gel in comfortable carriers that will help them always have it with them and not lose it, being able to use it at any time without inconvenience or forgetfulness.

Thermometers, whether digital or infrared (the latter being the most appropriate for cases where there may be doubts about contagion of communicable viral diseases), are also a very important tool for taking care of our health and monitoring body temperature, in order to alert if symptoms arise. of diseases.

Comprehensively protect your health and that of others using hygienic protection measures.